Monday, June 26, 2006


Hello, world! My name is Deanne Rosselini A. Acosta. I am the only child of mom and dad who hopes to have a baby sister so I may be able to pass on to her all my Barbie dolls collection…… that is if given the chance. But if God would give me a baby brother, I’d accept and love him too. Hmmm.... but I really like baby sister and I planned to name her Chelsea. I don’t know. I just like the name. It sounds good.

As of now, I used to play with my younger cousin Andrea. She’s a two year old mischievous girl. Mom borrows her almost everyday. Andrea and I watches “That’s so Raven” and “Mr. Bean” at our favorite Disney Channel. Mr. Bean is so funny. Ooohhh! Getting tired typing and bored already. I need to catch up for my favorite TV show. Bu-bye! Hope u all enjoyed reading even if it’s short. If I make it long, u might get sleep in front of your monitor. Hahahahaha!!!